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Thursday, 18 January 2018

RoboCop Returns To Comics In Citizens Arrest

RoboCop is returning to the world of comic books!

Set to arrive this spring from Boom! Studios, RoboCop: Citizens Arrest hails from Brian Wood and Jorge Coelho and is set 30 years after the events of the original movie. In this new world, law enforcement has been placed in the hands of the citizens, rendering Murphy obsolete.

"It’s not just that there’s a new model of Robocop out there, but we have an entirely new OCP [Omni Consumer Products] with an entirely new way they’re looking to privatize and militarize law enforcement that makes every citizen a complicit actor,” Wood told io9. "The idea of crowdsourced justice is bigger than just pointing out the dangers of social media, and includes vigilantism, mob justice, class divide, and how people react to ‘the other.’ And all that is one step removed from more passive, less obvious things like segregation and gentrification."

Wood also feels as though 2018 is the right time to revisit RoboCop.

"RoboCop hits a whole bunch of topics and themes that are important to me, that feel relevant and feel like good drama," he explained. "And that stand the test of time — think about that original film that was all about union busting, the militarization of police, privatizing public services and abusive media. In some ways it feels more topical now than in the '80s. I want to talk about that, I want to hit that hard."

RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #1 arrives this April.

Will you be checking out this exciting new miniseries?

Source: io9 via THR Heat Vision

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Jumanji Crosses $700-Million Worldwide

Jumanji can't be stopped!

The Dwayne Johnson sequel has been having an incredible box office run since it hit the big screen last month. The Jake Kasdan sequel has now become one of the most successful releases of 2017, grossing $293.7-Million domestically and $408-Million internationally for a global cume currently totalling a very strong $701-Million.

The film has eclipsed the global total of Zack Snyder's Justice League, and is now the 6th highest domestic grosser for Sony Pictures. The movie will soon pass Skyfall to take the number five spot, placing it behind the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and Jon Watts' much-loved Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Granted, Jumanji hasn't had a whole lot of competition at the box office since release, but we're betting that the top brass over at Sony are very proud of these numbers regardless.

And the film still has to open in Japan on April 6th!

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, the sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams classic, is in theatres now!

Source: Deadline

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Boss Fight Studio Dips Bucky O'Hare In Chocolate

Boss Fight Studio is getting in on the holiday spirit! In celebration of Easter, the gang has dipped Bucky O'Hare in chocolate and created the Bucky O’Hare Limited Holiday Edition Figure!

Limited to just 400 pieces and featuring a unique paint job made to look like a chocolate bunny, this exclusive piece will come packaged on an Easter themed cardback and include interchangeable hands and a pair of blaster pistols - all within resealable packaging!

Check out the official details posted below...

Boss Fighters! Friday, January 19th at 12:01 AM eastern available for Pre-Order – Holiday Bucky O’Hare! $40 SRP.

This special edition figure is our very own creation! The chocolate bunny-looking (not actual candy, tastes terrible) Holiday Bucky O’Hare collectible action figure has a very limited production run of just 400 pieces. Do not wait to order!

He comes with all of his usual accessories – alternate faces, hands, and blasters – plus special spring holiday-themed card art! Available ONLY on for a limited time.

The Bucky O’Hare Limited Holiday Edition Figure goes up for sale this coming Friday for $40.

Will you be adding this unique collectible to your Bucky O'Hare display?

Source: Boss Fight Studio

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Review: Chapterhouse - Captain Canuck #2

Toronto is under attack and a hero lies dying in the street.

Such is the scene readers will witness in the opening pages of Captain Canuck #2 when Canada's costumed crime fighter returns to stores next week from Chapterhouse Publishing.

As Northguard goes down, Agent Ritchie desperately tries to keep her partner safe from Pharos, the rampaging alien menace currently laying waste to Dundas Square. Learning of their predicament, Manon DesChamps calls in the cavalry and a squad of highly trained soldiers jump into action, transforming Toronto into a warzone as they engage the creature.

Seizing the opportunity, Agent Ritchie quickly moves to get Northguard onboard a nearby aircraft to receive the medical attention he needs. As they take to the air, Pharos continues his attack on the city, decimating all who dare to get in his way. In a desperate attempt to end the situation, the military calls in a pair of fighter jets who proceed to unleash a barrage of fiery missiles on the creature. However, despite taking a direct hit, Pharos remains standing.

The issue then takes readers back to Flin Flon where we join Tom Evans as he watches the attack on television - just as Pharos mysteriously disappears in a flash of golden light. Knowing he should be in the city to help, Tom prepares to leave, but is stopped short when he is called to a band meeting on the reserve he calls home. Going before the council, Tom prepares to plead his case, but before a judgment can be passed, Agent Ritchie and P.A.C.T. arrive to recruit Captain Canuck to their cause, begging him to aid in stopping the creature before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Pharos shows up in Ottawa and the military quickly moves to intercept. In the thick of things, we also discover that Redcoat and the people of Equilibrium are also on scene and ready to lay waste to this threat once and for all.

Joining the mission is scientist Parminder Patel, who's desperate to see the creature up close and personal once again. A wish she sees granted after Pharos engages her people and quickly proves just how powerful he really is - and how vastly outmatched her people are. Now trapped within a blazing ring of burning rubble, Dr. Patel has absolutely nowhere to go.

As Pharos continues his advance, she is horrified to realize that this is where she'll die...

...Until Captain Canuck arrives on the scene to save the day!

The latest issue of Captain Canuck is one seriously awesome rollercoaster ride of a read! Kalman Andrasofszky and Leonard Kirk have crafted an exciting page-turner of a tale that explodes with action straight from the get-go, and ends on a cliff-hanger that is guaranteed to have readers crying out to the comic book gods for more!

Rating: 5/5 - "Playing out like a Michael Bay movie on meth, the latest issue of Captain Canuck continues to build towards the ultimate confrontation between man and monster."

Captain Canuck #2 arrives on newsstands Wednesday, January 24th.

And, if you're looking for more Chapterverse adventures, be sure to pop on over to the official Chapterhouse Publishing website.
Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Cold Iron Studios Is Working On A New Alien Game

FoxNext Games has announced that a new game set within the Alien universe is coming!

Today, the studio announced that they have acquired Cold Iron Studios from Perfect World Entertainment, who will develop the new shooter for release on PC and consoles.

Games president of FoxNext Games, Aaron Loeb said: “I am a personal fan of Cold Iron’s previous work, and all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved ‘Alien’ universe.”

Cold Iron Studios CEO Craig Zinkievich Zinkievich added: “Our background in building online worlds and taking established franchises to the next level in interactive entertainment is a precise fit with [FoxNext’s] product road map ahead.”

Founded in 2015, Cold Iron Studios has a total of 25 employees, some who've worked on such gaming titles as Star Trek Online, Metroid Prime 3 and Borderlands among others.

No further details about the game were released, but given the developer's background, it's a pretty safe bet that this new shooter will focus on a multiplayer element.

And that's just fine with us!

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

What do you want to see in this new Alien game?

Source: Variety

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Ralph Gets A Suit In New Images From The Flash

After weeks of wearing grey spandex, Ralph Dibny is finally getting a suit!

The CW has released a nice selection of promotional images from next week's all-new episode of The Flash, which gives us a glimpse of Elongated Man's costume and the return of the Trickster -who'll be causing all kinds of trouble in Barry's absence. We also get or first look at wrestling legend Bill Goldberg as the hulking Big Sir!

Check out all the images from The Elongated Knight Rises posted below...

When a familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City, Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) must rise up to defend the innocent while Barry (Grant Gustin) is detained by his trial. Meanwhile, Barry searches for the strength to keep his optimism alive in the face of his new circumstances.

Starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet, and Devon Graye, The Flash speeds back with an all-new episode next Tuesday at 8pm.

Source: The CW Television Network

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Watch The Trailer For Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay

Our friends over at IGN have exclusively debuted the very first trailer for the next DC Animated Original Movie - Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. Check it out in the player below...

The upcoming DC Animated Original Movie sees Amanda Waller's secret team Task Force X sent to retrieve a powerful mystical object that they will risk their lives to steal. Unfortunately for the Suicide Squad, there are other villains who want the prize, and they must win a race to get it, in order to stay alive.

Making up the film's sprawling voice cast will be Christian Slater as Deadshot, Billy Brown as Bronze Tiger, Liam McIntyre as Captain Boomerang, Kristin Bauer van Straten as Killer Frost, Gideon Emery as Copperhead, Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Vanessa Williams as Amanda Walker, C. Thomas Howell as Zoom, Dania Ramirez as Scandal Savage, James Urbaniak as Professor Pyg, Julie Nathanson as Silver Banshee, Jim Pirri as Vandal Savage and Vertigo, Greg Grunberg as Maxum Steel, Dave Fennoy as Blockbuster and Tobias Whale, Cissy Jones as Knockout, Natalie Lander as Darma, Trevor Devall as Punch, Dave Boat as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and Matthew Mercer as Savage Gunman.

Look for Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay on Blu-Ray, Digital and DVD this spring.

Source: IGN

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