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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Defenders Becomes Least Viewed Marvel Netflix Series

Perhaps The Defenders are weaker than we once thought.

According to a new study, the latest Marvel TV series was the least-watched Netflix Marvel original series premiere in the U.S. as measured over the first 30 days of viewership, according to an analysis by Jumpshot, a marketing-analytics firm.

Season 2 of Daredevil still remains the most watched of the bunch, and for the comparison, following the August 18th premiere of the new show, The Defenders clocked in with just 17% of the viewership that Daredevil season two received back in March 2016.

The study looked at Netflix U.S. subs who watched at least one episode of each series.

Aside from being the least viewed if the Marvel Netflix shows, The Defenders also had the largest week-over-week drop in viewership, declining by 67%, 48% and 41%, respectively, over the 30-day period, per Jumpshot.

The Defenders sees the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist reluctantly banding together to save New York City from criminal mastermind Alexandra Reid.

Starring Charlie Cox, Kristen Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones and Sigourney Weaver, The Defenders is currently streaming its first season on Netflix right now.

Source: Variety

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DC Collectibles Announces May 2018 Solicitations

DC Collectibles has revealed their newest batch of solicitations, these ones set to arrive at comic and specialty shops in May of 2018. Included in the listings are the slick Jokermobile from Batman: The Animated Series, a gorgeous Green Lantern Bombshells statue, and more!

Check out all the May 2018 solicitations listed below...


Every good criminal needs a getaway car and The Joker is no different. Styled after the hot rod from the award-winning Batman: The Animated Series comes the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES JOKERMOBILE. The Jokermobile fits all Batman: The Animated Series The Joker action figures and lights up to display his mischievous smile. Pair with the Batman: The Animated Series The Joker Expressions Action Figure Pack (sold separately) for the ultimate action figure experience.

Measures Approximately 7.90 inches Long by 9.09 inches Tall
$100.00 US • On Sale MAY 2018
Allocations May Occur


Designed by MIKE MIGNOLA

Based on legendary artist Mike Mignola’s popular 1:10 scale BATMAN BLACK & WHITE statue comes this 1:6 scale poly-resin DC DESIGNER SERIES BATMAN statue in full color.

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 13.15 inches Tall
$150.00 US • On Sale APRIL 2018
Allocations May Occur


Designed by ANT LUCIA
Sculpted by TIM MILLER

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz is here to protect and defend in this DC BOMBSHELLS statue as a retro-chic galactic policewoman, complete with traffic light, cones, handcuffs and stop sign.

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 11.00 inches Tall
$125.00 US • On Sale APRIL 2018
Allocations May Occur


Designed by BABS TARR
Sculpted by IRENE MATAR

Based on Babs Tarr’s HARLEY QUINN #1 variant cover comes this exciting statue of the Clown Princess of Crime.

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 8.35 inches Tall
$80.00 US • On Sale APRIL 2018
Allocations May Occur


The ultimate battle of good against evil comes to life with the BATMAN VS. THE JOKER LAFF-CO BATTLE STATUE. The Caped Crusader and the Crown Prince of Crime square off on the rooftop in this premium polyresin statue.

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 13.50 inches Tall
$200.00 US • On Sale MAY 2018
Allocations May Occur


Designed by JOELLE JONES
Sculpted by JACK MATHEWS

Eisner Award-nominated artist Joƫlle Jones brings her unique style to the DC COVER GIRLS line with this premium polyresin SUPERGIRL statue!

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 9.25 inches Tall
$125.00 US • On Sale MAY 2018
Allocations May Occur


Designed and sculpted by JONATHAN MATTHEWS

Jonathan Matthews has sculpted some of DC Collectibles’ most popular collectibles ever, and now he’s the first to design, sculpt and paint his own BATMAN BLACK & WHITE statue!

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 9.20 inches Tall
$80.00 US • On Sale MAY 2018
Allocations May Occur

Look for all these awesome collectibles to arrive in May 2018.

Source: DC Collectibles

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The Gifted Featurette Teases Sentinel Services

Fox has released a brand new featurette for The Gifted. Hailing from Bryan Singer and Matt Nix, the video introduces fans to the men and women making up the ranks of Sentinel Services.

A high level government agency that deals with mutant issues and powers, Sentinel Services uses mutant-hunting spider drones to track and capture their prey.

You can check out the full featurette posted in the player below...

Starring Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer, Percy Hynes White, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, Jamie Chung and Natalie Alyn Lind, The Gifted arrives on Fox this coming October.

Source: Fox

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Watchmen Gets A Pilot Order At HBO

Yesterday evening, Damon Lindelof took to social media to tease the start of pre-production on the upcoming Watchmen television series. Now, Deadline has learned that HBO has officially given a pilot order to the series, as well as ordered additional scripts for the show.

Back in June, it was announced that Lindelof had entered talks to develop an adaptation of the comic book series for the network. It will serve as a follow-up to Lindelof's highly praised HBO series The Leftovers. No further details have been revealed at this time.

Based off of the classic graphic novel from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen is a dark satirical and dystopian take on the superhero genre, the story is set in an alternate history in the year 1985 at the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and Soviet Union. It revolves around a group of mostly retired American superheroes who investigate the murder of one of their own and in the process uncover a conspiracy that could change the course of history as we know it.

The book was adapted into a film back in 2009, which was directed by Zack Snyder.

This new series will not be connected to that feature film.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

Source: Deadline

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Legends Of Tomorrow Images Spotlight The Time Bureau

The CW has released some promotional images from the Season 3 premiere of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. Entitled Aruba-Con, the episode welcomes viewers to Rip Hunter's Time Bureau, and looks to feature the Legends throwing down with Roman Legionnaires.

Check out all the new images posted below...

After defeating the Legion of Doom, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow face a new existential threat created by their actions at the end of last season. By revisiting a moment in time they’d already participated in, they’ve essentially fractured the timeline and created anachronisms all across time! Our team must find a way to return all the anachronisms to their original timelines before the time stream falls apart. But before our Legends can jump back into action, Rip Hunter and his newly established Time Bureau call their methods into question and disband the team. Challenging the Time Bureau’s authority, they recruit a hacker from the future, Zari Tomaz and continue their time travelling shenanigans, while insisting that however messy their methods may be, some problems are beyond the Bureau’s capabilities. Some problems can only be fixed by Legends.

Starring Arthur Darvill, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Victor Garber, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Damian McDonough, and Tala Ashe, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow returns on Tuesday, October 10th at 9pm.

Source: The CW Television Network

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Zack Snyder Won't Return To Justice League

This past May, Zack Snyder stepped down from directing Justice League followings family tragedy. Upon exiting the project, Mr. Snyder would hand the helm on one of the biggest films of the year over to Joss Whedon.

Months later, Mr. Snyder is now making steps to return back behind the camera. He recently released a short film entitled Snow Steam Iron, and the upcoming war drama The Last Photograph. However, while he's getting back into the swing of things, Mr. Snyder has informed the fine people over at Wired that he won't be reuniting with the Justice League team.

"I’m at a place where I feel excited about it and I’m happy for my guys and I love these people that are working on it, and they’re my family and I think they’re doing an amazing job, but I’ve kind of just let them do their thing."

He also adds that it would be "unfair in a lot of ways" for him to return to Justice League after being off the project for the last few months.

Justice League opens on November 17th.

Source: Wired

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Hot Toys Announces New Wolf Predator Figure

Hot Toys has released new images and info for a brand new Predator action figure! Straight out of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem comes the beastly Wolf Predator - loaded to the rafters with enough heavy weaponry to destroy anything in his path! It's a truly exquisite looking piece that Predator fans are sure to love! Check out all the details posted below...

Continuing the occurrence of Alien vs. Predator, a Predator scout ship carrying Predalien and facehuggers has crashed on Earth, causing the spawn of the chestburster in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Wolf Predator, has responded to a distress signal, travelled to Earth and planned to kill all Aliens. As the elite member of the Predator, he has proven himself as a daunting warrior and dreadful hunter with a large collection of trophies from many different species and large arsenal of weapons! He has remained one of the most popular warriors in Alien vs. Predator series among fans.

Today, Hot Toys is proud to present our highly movie-accurate 1/6th scale Wolf Predator (Heavy Weaponry) collectible figure. Masterly crafted based on Wolf Predator’s image in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the figure features a remarkable head sculpt, a newly developed body, highly detailed costumes, extremely wide variety of weapons and accessories and a rocky ground-like diorama figure base.

Display the 1/6th scale Wolf Predator (Heavy Weaponry) along with your Hot Toys’ Predator collectible figures! Don’t miss out the unique opportunity!

– Product Code: MMS443
– Product Name: Wolf Predator (Heavy Weaponry)
– Height: Approximately 35 cm tall
– Points of Articulations: 20
– Special Features: A remarkable head sculpt, a newly developed body, black colored dreadlocks with distinctive pattern and tribal accessories, wide variety of weapons and a rocky ground-like diorama figure base
– Artists: Head Sculpted by Joseph Tsang
– Head Painted by Joseph Tsang and Lok Ho

The 1/6th scale Wolf Predator (Heavy Weaponry) Collectible Figure specially features:
– Meticulously crafted head sculpt with detailed likeness of Wolf Predator in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
– Black colored dreadlocks with distinctive pattern and tribal accessories
– Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed hair and skin texture
– Approximately 35 cm tall
– Over 20 points of articulations
– Four (4) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of hands for holding weapons
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

– One (1) upper body net costume
– One (1) pair of forearm armor with weathering effect
– One (1) bandolier with pouch and 5 pieces of Claymore Mines
– One (1) left shoulder and chest armor
– One (1) pair of thigh armor
– One (1) pair of leg armour

– One (1) Combi-Stick (extendable)
– One (1) Shuriken (in opened mode)
– Three (3) Shurikens (in closed mode, attachable to the bandolier)
– Two (2) shoulder cannons
– One (1) Plasma pistol
– One (1) metal-wired whip
– One (1) whip (in curled up mode, attachable to the bandolier)
– Two (2) pairs of diecast blades (attachable to forearm armor)
– One (1) Dissolving Liquid (attachable to the pouch on the bandolier)
– One (1) detachable Tracking Syringe (can be placed into the large cleaner case)

– One (1) face mask (wearable on head sculpt)
– One (1) Cleaner Case (can be opened)
– One (1) Med Kit
– One (1) skull necklace
– A rocky ground-like diorama figure stand


What a gorgeous looking figure! While there's no denying that Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is one of the worst additions to the franchise, this incredible Wolf Predator figure looks to be one of the very best Hot Toys offerings to ever see the light of day!

What do you think, Pred Heads?

Source: Hot Toys

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